Model United Nations



The MUN experience on your home desktop


Monthly MUN
investigate a current global issue
between school engagements during the year
February - June 2021

Full-immersion experience in MUN
impersonating the role of diplomat
in a weekend dedicated to diplomacy
November 20-21, 2021


It is with great pleasure that we present to you our biggest campaign of this first part of 2021. Based on feedback from TI-MUN 2020 participants, we decided to focus on work, volunteer, and study abroad experiences by introducing you some young people who are going to tell their stories.

We will introduce them to you on all our social media account and not only! You are all invited to 3 short online presentations open to the public where some of them will introduce themselves and you will be given the opportunity to ask all your questions on how to enter the world of volunteering and intern abroad.

Numerous associations work to promote the SDGs. We asked some of them to introduce themselves.

Small press review of the Model United Nations - Ticino Association