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The Campus for Democracy was founded by the Dialogue Foundation in cooperation with the New Swiss IS-NSE Society to strengthen democracy and promote civil education and political participation throughout Switzerland. As a national platform for political education and participation, it brings together actors from both academia and work, with the aim of promoting civic education and political participation, in particular that of children, young people and people residing without Swiss citizenship.

Go to their site is an association active in supporting initiatives for children and young people in Switzerland. The association offers easily understandable information and concrete help in all areas of the life of children, young people and their people of reference. A service that is used by more than 30,000 people per year. Founded in 1998, it currently has about thirty collaborators scattered in the regional offices of Bern, Solothurn, Basel, Lucerne, Zurich, Lausanne, Lugano, Romanshorn, as well as a small external antenna in Munich.

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«La gioventù dibatte» is a project born in Germany, present in many countries around the world, which has come to Switzerland since 2005 and to Ticino since the 2008/2009 school year. Year after year more and more young people have learned to debate, constantly increasing the number of participants in the project in numerous classes in Ticino. Cantonal debate competitions have been organized annually since 2009 in Bellinzona, involving a total of 700 young people from middle and high school. Since 2009, the national debate final in Bern has also been organized every two years, with the participation of 150 young people from Ticino.

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United Nations Youth Association - Switzerland

Active since 2007, UNYA / JUNES is the umbrella association of Swiss MUNs. In addition to TI-MUN, there are 13 other groups on Switzerland that offer both weekly meetings and international conferences. Our country has sent delegates regularly to the most prestigious world conference: the WorldMun.

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