The Model United Nations - Ticino Association is a non-profit, apolitical and nondenominational association. Its activities are aimed at promoting MUN simulations in Ticino, helping youth organizations and teachers who practice - for educational or cultural purposes - activities related to the United Nations or simulations based on MUN. It furthermore promotes the objectives of both Switzerland and the UN, in particular those of peace and multilateral democracy, as well as cultural exchange.

Every year, in the second half of November, we organize a MUN conference open to secondary school students, university students and any other interested individuals. This is a great opportunity for deepening understanding of the current political situation and for meeting new people with similar interests.

It is possible to personally join the Model United Nations - Ticino Association through a minimum annual contribution of fr. 15.- (students up to 25 years) and fr. 30.- (adults). If you are interested, please fill out the following application form.